September 14, 2012

We The People - A Unit Study by Homeschool Legacy


After having such fun with the Knights & Nobles unit study by Homeschool Legacy, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to try another of Sharon’s studies.  This time we chose a unit study that was more in depth – WE THE PEOPLE.  As many of you know we had started our study of government a while ago and I was creating it as I went along.  I eventually reached a point that I didn’t have time to organize and research this important topic.  Homeschool Legacy’s  8-week (once a week) unit study is just what we needed to stay organized and on track with our study.

Homeschool Legacy’s unit studies are literature based which I love!  And Sharon’s lists are absolutely fabulous!  We began by visiting our library online and requesting several of the recommended books.   Here are a few of our favorites by Jean Fritz. We read some and enjoyed others as audio books.


We have studied The Declaration of Independence and also The Constitution.  WE THE PEOPLE took us right to the original sources shedding full light on the biblical truths this country was founded on.  Sharon makes no apology for her passion of The Constitution and I really loved it.  She is a patriotic woman through and through.  We got so wrapped up in the first two weeks we stretched them out a bit longer.  There are so many wonderful books to explore on the booklists included! And then as I was cleaning out some homeschool supplies, I came across several books I had collected that related to this topic as well!  It’s been book heaven around here!

Here are some of the treasures I had collected and forgotten about. They were great additions to the book list choices.  You can read my review of What Would the Founding Father’s Think? here.


WE THE PEOPLE is designed for use by children in grades 4 – 12.  There are research projects, family devotionals, games for memorizing the Preamble and the Bill of Rights.  There are projects like making a ballot box, creating a collage, and building a timeline.  This 8-week unit study is biblically centered, and easy to use with no prep required (other than collecting your books).  If you have boys in Scouts they can earn their Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge and American Heritage Girls can earn their Citizenship in Government & Flag Badges.

We are taking our ballot box out next week to collect votes in our area. We are excited to watch the election process unfold. We have our electoral college maps ready for the November election and my kids now LOVE politics! They watched the national conventions and are looking forward to the debates.  This unit study has been a hit!

However, I feel I should leave you with this warning – Your children may become slightly obsessed with the political process and become disgusted when candidates step over their line of power.  Those same dear children may also point out the flaws in other’s political arguments and may even say things like  “If you’ve read The Constitution then you would know….”  I‘ve found a response that helps in such instances - I just smile and say “Knowledge is power”.  You are welcome to use it if the need arises.

(Disclaimer - I received this product free of charge for a review sharing my honest opinion.)


  1. Maybe I am slightly obsessed with the political process and become disgusted when candidates step over their line of power :)

    Sounds right up my alley!

  2. Thank you for the review of this - as I have had my eye on it for awhile. :) It sounds like a great unit study! Have a wonderful weekend ~

  3. We the people...The Preamble. I recall learning this by using the School House Rock segments they used to show on TV during the seventies.

  4. Yes Cecelia, I grew up with that as well. We watched it and sang it several times (and still do) during this study. School House Rock is fun. :)

  5. I love your choice in are a few I thought you might also enjoy..this is a great series.. for various periods in history these books are awesome, they are written for kids and yet are extremely informative, scroll to middle of page for others of the same kind..


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