June 21, 2012

Times Tales DVD Plus x12 stories

As I’ve posted before, my children are busy catching up on math this summer.  They both have been infected with Math-itis and I believe it is from all the drilling work, specifically staying too long on a set of facts without progress.  We've tried various math programs and applications, and we are finally seeing results and making up ground with Teaching Textbooks with a little Life of Fred on the side.  Both of these programs have helped take the drudgery out of math. 

When we reached the multiplication and division facts I bought the Times Tales DVD.  I am so glad I did!

The website for Times Tales makes great claims as to how quickly kids learn the multiplication tables.  I can tell you we watched the DVD one time and my kids knew the multiplication facts presented – ALL OF THEM!  Hooray! 

We’ve since practiced groups of facts to help speed up response time and because they could actually recall the facts with ease, they were not frustrated with the drill work at all.  What a blessing!

We purchased the Times Tales DVD for 29.95 + shipping and we are selling it for $22 which includes shipping.  This is in excellent condition as it was only necessary to watch it one time.  Also included is a CD with practice pages.


My children wanted to have stories for the 12 facts so I made some up using the characters they were already familiar with in Times Tales.  I added Mrs. Hen (representing 12 because she lays eggs which are in dozens).  The kids knew the facts I made stories to within just minutes. They are silly but they work.  If you use Times Tales and would like stories to the 12s, you can download them here.  I used the same techniques to commit these to memory as on the DVD and they are indeed a success! See the samples below.

12 x multiplication Tales Sample

If you are interested in purchasing our Times Tales DVD, please contact me @ danawardcockrum(at)gmail(dot)com.  The first response I get, will have the first chance to purchase.  I will take payment through Paypal. Thanks.


  1. What an amazing program! I'm going to check this one out!

  2. I love Times Tales so was delighted to find your 12x table but having downloaded th pdf I can't print the whole thing. Each page comes our with just pictures and no numbers or story. What am I doing wrong? Jane

  3. I don't know what is causing your problem. Have you downloaded the file? Have you tried printing straight from the site? Is your PDF reader updated? Sorry wish I could help :(


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