June 12, 2012

Summer Math Progress Report

MathsignsI’ve mentioned before the case of Math-Itis at our house, I have high hopes that it will be cured soon.   We are working diligently on a few math goals right now -

  1. Nailing down those dreaded math facts
  2. Making up some ground in math ability
  3. and this one is super important – convincing my children that math isn’t dreadful and could possibly – maybe - even be enjoyable.

So how is it going? 

Absolutely great!

The children are flying through Teaching Textbooks level 3 right now. They are making up some ground here.  My two are 11 and 13 and until just two weeks ago, they did not know their multiplication facts.  I started them on level 3 hoping they would feel confident and learn their facts without a lot of pressure. It’s been great to have instant feedback and someone other than Mom teaching.  They can’t whine and fuss about how dreadful math is to a computer.  This part alone has been great!

I ordered Times Tales in hopes that it really would quickly teach my children the multiplication and division facts.  Sure enough – it did!  After only watching the DVD once, both Mattie and Mason know their facts!  I am amazed and grateful.

In addition, they are practicing their math facts online daily at xtramath.  They are gaining speed in their recall by leaps and bounds!  This is an amazing resource!  I just love it.  You’ll have to check them out for yourself.

We plan to continue Teaching Textbooks, moving onto the next level through the summer, we may even skip a level.  We’ll evaluate when the time comes, but I am so thrilled at the progress they have both made thus far.   There is no doubt about it, we are progressing with our three math goals and we are all the happier for it.


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