March 14, 2012

Easter Centerpiece Tutorial

Easter Centerpiece

Today we made this – Well not this one exactly.  This is the picture I found on Pinterest.  The pin led to an uploaded image with no credit or origin listed.  If you run across the brilliant and talented artist responsible, please leave me the link to give proper credit.

Here is how we made our version. 

Step 1:  First we took a 12 inch clay saucer and filled it with about 4 cups of soil. We then put some moss under the 4.25 inch pot we used. This is totally optional; I chose to use moss because I had some and thought it would keep the rock area from looking muddy when we water the grass.   I kind of wiggled the pot to embed it in the soil.


Step 2: Mound soil around the pot making your hill.  We did this with dry soil.  Wet is easier to work with. Your hill will need to have enough soil to plant 3 sticks made into crosses – so keep that in mind.  We used about 12 cups of soil for those who like measurements.


Step 3:  Add some rocks at the opening of your pot and around the saucer.  At any step  you can adjust your pot by moving it around and repacking your dirt.


Step 4:  We found some sticks and cut them to the length we thought looked nice.  We attached the perpendicular stick using some hemp cord we had.  Use whatever you have around – raffia, twine, many things would work here.


IMG_2660Step 5: This is where you need to wet down your soil if you haven’t already.  Apply grass seed all over your soil.  We used Kwik Grass Seed.

Applying the seed might seem a little tricky.  With the soil wet the seeds stick to the soil.  Sometimes, particularly on a steeper area, we needed to mist the seeds for them to stay where they were put.  Once the entire hill was covered with grass seed, we lightly sprinkled soil over the wet seeds and then misted that.  

In a few days the grass will sprout and it will be wonderful!  You’ll need to mist it every other day or so to keep it moist. 


We are now waiting for our grass to grow!

You might have noticed that we don’t have a large rock beside the “tomb” yet.  We will be searching for one to add over the next few days.


Updated photo with our large rock

I will post an updated picture once we have grass on our hill.  Don’t you just love this Easter Centerpiece?  It says so much.  Our homeschool group is making these on Friday.   I love this!

And do you know what I love even more? I love that the tomb was empty come Easter Morn because our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ lives! He lives who once was dead! 


  1. I saw the original post for that image but I can't for the life of me remember which blog I saw it on. I want to say maybe it was But I am not for sure.

  2. Oh, how funny! We did the same thing last week and I was going to post ours on Sunday.

    We did a mixture of wheat and Kwik grass. Today is day six and the wheat 'grass' is about 3-4 inches tall. The kwik grass hasn't even sprouted yet.

    The pin I found was a bit different and came from this blog: It is a repost from her old blog from several years ago.

  3. Anonymous3/29/2012

    thanks so much for this I have built myself a number of small terrariums lately and this one is a wonderful idea - I'll be putting it togehter this weekend!!

  4. This my friend is so totally awesome. I am loving it and thank you so much for sharing. I know one of these will be on my table next year. It's to late for this year.

  5. This is beautiful! Thanks for the idea.

  6. My friend's sister originally uploaded that photo of her annual Easter tradition on Pinterest. Here's your lady:

  7. Have you sold your life of fred books yet. I'm very interested. let me know in your comments and I will get you my contact information.

  8. Not yet. Will list them tonight. I'll post what I have and the price.

  9. I loved it so much that I pinned it and will be following you by e-mail now! Thanks for sharing, from one LDS homeschooler to another! :)

  10. Hi :) I ran across the original blog post

    SUCH a cool idea!

    One question, how long did it take for the grass to grow that long?


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