February 01, 2012

FHE Series: Election Year (January Update)


As I mentioned in a previous post, we are using our family time on Monday nights to take advantage of this time in history and teach our children how the Political Process works, how to wisely choose a candidate and what their responsibility is. 

We want to keep our study short, simple and fun.  We have plenty of time for a deeper study in the coming years as they mature in their educational pursuit, but we want to jump on this teaching opportunity.

For the basics of how our government works we are using Checks and Balances (a thematic unit from The Old Schoolhouse), and a variety of other resources which I’ll list as we use them.

Our entire family is participating and sharing in teaching the material.  It has been a great refresher and we’ve all learned a thing or two already. Here is what we’ve covered so far. 

How is your knowledge of how our government runs? Can you answer the following questions?

  • How is the Federal Government Organized?
  • Why is it organized this way?
  • Who is in charge of the Executive Branch?
  • What  is the role of the Executive Branch?
  • What are the President’s responsibilities?
  • What are the Vice President’s Responsibilities?
  • What are the qualifications for both the President and Vice President?
  • How is the President of the United States elected?
  • What is the Electoral College and how does it work?

We are keeping notes of the things we’ve learned in our Election 2012 notebook so we will have an easy and quick reference tool as we watch what is taking place in this year’s election.


Schoolhouse Rock – Three Ring Government



Schoolhouse Rock – I’m Gonna Send Your Vote to College

(Electoral College)

We didn’t cover everything I had hoped to in January, however we’ve enjoyed what we’ve learned and the children are very interested in the politics of the day.  Mason drew and colored in a map showing which states went to what party and Mattie was completely giddy watching the Florida Primaries.  We’ve decided we are going to have an Election Party complete with fun foods, and a map we can color in as the votes are reported. 

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  1. I really liked your ideas here, especially with the elections coming up. I have got to cover this with my son.


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