January 10, 2012

Today Feels Good

Today feels good, despite the fact that is is cool and rainy and thundering.  We are back to our school routine and have had a wonderful day! 

We  reviewed Butterflies (Life of Fred) for Math, the children completed another day in their scripture journals and they are both engrossed in their reading time.  Of course Mattie is always engrossed in a book or four.

Mason, my reluctant reader, is reading but he is still reluctant about choosing a new book.  I just remind myself of the improvement he has made.  I never dreamed he would read the entire Harry Potter series in a few months time, but he has.  He is now reading The Ordinary Farm on our Kindle.  I hope the story sucks him in.

We made hoagie bread for our own “Subway” sandwiches for lunch and Mason has just raved about them ever since. 

I had the children write  lists of 5 things they are interested in.  Mattie’s list consisted of gerbils, rabbit raising, hamsters, ferrets, and horses – No surprises there.

Mason listed Minecraft (a game where he builds a world, mines for ores and such), creative books, completed house, food, and fun activities.  We had wonderful discussion about what he meant by each thing listed.

I’m off to watch The Secret Garden with my children.  Mattie read the book and so we are following up with the movie.   It’s just another wonderful addition to our day.


  1. Wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a blog award. http://academiacelestia.blogspot.com/2012/01/liebster-blog-award.html

  2. I love days like that!! Just when things fall into place and everything seems right in the world.

    Your post made me happy!


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