January 03, 2012

FHE: Election Year Focus (January)

Being an ELECTION YEAR, I want to take advantage of this time and teach my children how the Political Process works, how to wisely choose a candidate and what their responsibility is.  Because I want my husband in on this study, we will  be using our Family Home Evening time each week to learn about this important topic.  We want to keep our study short, simple and fun.  We have plenty of time for a deeper study in the coming years as they mature in their educational pursuit.

Since we will be figuring out our study as we go, I expect it might get messy at times.  We are not using a set curriculum, but setting up stepping stones leading to our goal mentioned above.

As resources we plan to use whatever we find that suits us.  We will be using the original source documents (The Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc.), and we will be recording things we think are important in a spiral notebook. We will watch debates and speeches after the fact to avoid the opinions of the media so we can form our own opinions based on our yardstick.

Here are areas I’d like to touch on in the coming months.  As our study progresses, I will share the resources we used.  If I find I don’t have much time for my postings, I will update in 100 words or less

January: The Political Process (5 weeks)

  • Prep – Introduction and Notebooks
  • How The Political Process Works – School House Rock * and other resources
  • Our Responsibility – Words of the prophets + other inspiring quotes
  • Our yardstick – The Founding Documents

February: The Constitution

March: The Bill of Rights

April: Words of the Prophets

May: The Issues

June: The Candidates

July: Putting the Pieces Together

August: Choosing your Candidate

September: Let your Voice be heard/Share what you’ve learned

October: Support your Candidate/Cause

November: – Election Day!

I have stepping stones for each month that I will share as time goes on.


*This is part of our “fun factor” all the videos on this DVD are included in the 30th edition DVD which is a better deal and you can also view them for free on youtube.


  1. We plan to do some election studies beginning this summer. Some of the resources I have for that are:
    Election 2012 unit study by Amanda Bennett - this is internet linked and has 4 weeks of plans for elementary and 4 weeks of plans for older students.

    The Road to the White House game (available through KnowledgeQuestMaps.com )

    How to Be President of the U.S. reproducible book

    Vote by E. Christelow

    America Votes: How Our President is Elected by L. Granfield.

    And we love the Schoolhouse Rock dvds too!

  2. Thanks for your list of resources Tristan. I will look into those. I am compiling my list. This month I am most excited about making our "Yardstick". It will be our unit of measure for all the candidates and issues.

  3. That sounds like a great idea! We really need to raise responsible voters.


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