October 01, 2011

Scripture Journaling with Children: Our Journey


This year I am working on Scripture Journaling with my children. My goal is to establish in them the habit of daily, JOYFUL, personal scripture study, not just a reading of a few verses but to include pondering, likening the scriptures, and recording the things learned.  I want it to include marking of their scriptures and making them theirs. Notice my goal does not include things like perfect spelling, handwriting and deep theological discussions on every page. It also does not include a certain amount of writing each day. ☺

To read more, head on over to Latter-day Homeschooling.


  1. Dana, my husband and I love the idea of scripture journaling. We've printed off both your ideas from LDH and also The Red Headed Hostess. Now we're in the process of deciding what type of 'journal' would suit us better. I'm thinking 3 ring binder but Anthony thinks he would like a spiral bound book. So fun that it can be so personalized. Thanks so much for introducing us to the idea.

    The kids are excited about it as well. We can't wait to get our journals started!

  2. Anonymous10/10/2011

    Are there "Book of Mormon Stories" journal prompts available?

  3. "Anonymous"

    I am currently working on journal prompts for the BOM. I'll post when they are ready.

  4. Oh I just KNEW I loved your Pins for a reason. I come to your blog and find another dear LDS sister who shares my heart. So happy to have found you. Thank you for all you are providing.


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