August 19, 2011

Places to Visit: Your Local County Extension Office

We’ve always been city folk, until we moved to the country on Dec 31st of this year.  Happy New Year! 

We’ve found loads of things to love about the country and one of those things is something available to even city folk.  I’m talking about the County Extension Office. The resources and opportunities are amazing.  4-H operates through the Extension Office here.  It may where you live to. Pay them a visit.  They L-O-V-E homeschoolers!

Today we entered our chickens in the county fair.  It’s our first time.  We are excited! 

While I was at the 4-H Office, I picked up this really neat year-round planting guide for Arkansas.  Maybe I’ll try planting. Again.

Year Round Planting Guide for AR

*Please excuse my scanning.  This awesome poster was huge and I had to scan it at 3 different angles to fit in all the info and then piece it all together.

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  1. I can not believe that you can plant all year round there, LUCKY!

    That is an amazing poster.


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