July 12, 2011

Remember My Reluctant Reader?



  1. Anonymous7/12/2011



  2. Holy Smokes! Is that Eregon?

    Horray for finding something that catches intrest! :)

  3. Dana that is SO awesome! How old is he? I have a couple of reluctant readers. I realized too late that I am midly dyslexic and so is my oldest... I didn't really start reading until I was 12, and I really didn't start reading anything to lengthy or deep until I was an adult. To bad people can't just let that go and say.... the goal is the the important part not when it happens.

  4. Mason is 10 years old. He will be 11 in just over a month. He has been reading for quite some time, but hated it and did not want to read anything except his scripture verses during Family Scripture Time. We are happy about it!

    No, it's not Eragon (yet), it's the 4th Harry Potter book (Goblet of Fire). He has also willingly agreed to read a review book for me. GASP!!! :)

  5. That is great! The Goblet of Fire is one of my all time favorite books!


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