June 14, 2011

Year-Round Homeschooling: A peek at our SUMMER PLANS

We school year round for various reasons and we love it.  Each summer it seems we do things a little differently than the one before.  This summer is no exception.

As I’ve thought about our summer schedule and what we want to focus on, I’ve realized I needed to let go of a few things and to prioritize. There are some things I need to do that I don’t want to do and things that I will totally miss out on if I don’t claim those days on the calendar now.  There are so many things that I want to do and it’s really hard for me to set some of them aside, but it’s important to take care of those most important things first. 

Things I need to do but don’t want to:

  • I need to get my house finished on the inside.  This means dry wall mudding, texturing painting, etc.  I can’t unpack everything or fully engage in life to my satisfaction until we are settled. It’s driving us all crazy! The children help mud and will be painting as well.
  • I need to get my garden in the ground.  I have started loads of things from seed and they are still doing well, but because I haven’t been able to invest $500 in soil for my raised beds, they still aren’t planted in the ground. I want raised beds!  I don’t want to plant in the ground! But sometimes we can’t have things exactly our way and this is one of those times; and so I’m grumbling about it. 
  • I need to get more exercise and strengthen my body.  I’ve been blessed to be on the thin side my whole life without having to put any effort into it. You may think that sounds great if you struggle with your weight but I have my own challenges.  I have hypoglycemia which leaves me feeling tired, shaky and nauseous if I skip a meal or don’t pay attention to eating.  I also have endometrial polyps which have to be removed every few years. This causes me to have difficult menstrual cycles where I become very anemic and fatigued, with severe headaches among other things.  I am aware that I am not as strong as I would like to be and sometimes feel quite weak.  I love to swim, kickbox, rollerskate, bicycle, hike and climb trees; I just haven’t done enough of it lately and I am feeling it.  Opportunity has come knocking, as we are preparing our son for his mission.  He has to prepare in many areas and in the area of physical fitness he has to be able to work 12 – 15 hours per day, walk 6 – 8 miles per day, bike 10 –15 miles per day and climb stairs daily. Sounds like a family affair to me and perfect motivation for Mom.
  • Gather up the homeschooling materials we are finished with or have decided not to use and sell them.  Our budget could really use the extra $$$ right now.

Things I need to let go of for now:

  • Right now I need to let go of Science, History, Geography, Grammar, etc. and basically cut our school work down to Reading, Math and Scripture Journaling. This is a hard thing because we LOVE History and the kids ask to do Grammar and other subjects.
  • On a more personal note, I need to let go of some of the many things I love to do for now, like crafting, digital scrapbook designing, and sewing.  I will have time for those later once I’ve taken care of those most important essential things.

Things I need to calendar or I will not find the time to do:

  • Plan multiple visits to both my grandmothers who are in their late 80’s
  • Take the kids places to have some fun.  I need to schedule time at the pool and lake.  I  need to make time for picnics and gatherings with friends.  I tend to get so caught up in all the things I need to do that I sometimes forget to enjoy wholesome recreation with my family.
  • While I’m at it, I need to remember to calendar that needed day.
  • I need to schedule time for my husband.  I don’t want to leave him in the shadows of the busy summer while he is out providing for our family.  I want him to know how important he is to us and how much we all appreciate him.

Reading-ListYou’ll notice on the sidebar of this blog there is a summer reading section.  I’ve added this to keep up with our reading this summer.   I am especially excited about it this year because Mattison is now a voracious reader! She really struggled with reading and wasn’t an “official” reader until she was 11.  She is now 12 and after her first year of reading she tested at a 6th grade level. We were really sweating that one out!  She is improving by leaps and bounds and LOVES to read!  Mason who is my reluctant reader has decided that reading is a good thing.  He might not say that out loud but he is reading now for hours after he has gone to bed each night and often times during the day because he wants to!!! Happy mom here!!!  :)

Note: I’ve linked the titles in our sidebar to amazon.com. If you purchase anything on Amazon going through my link, it will help my budget and we thank you.


  1. you've been awarded the versatile blogger award

  2. Thanks so much Jen! That's very kind of you! I'll swing by to check it out soon. :)

  3. Thanks for posting this! I have the same type of list going...except that we are trying to sell our house, not get settle in...that will come later.
    Happy Day!


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