May 08, 2011

Homemaker’s Challenge: Motivation

Homemaking is an opportunity to

I am participating in the 31 Days to Clean Homemaker’s Challenge over at Joyful Mothering.  This (above) is my Day 1 Mary Challenge, which was to identify specific reasons that I want a clean home.  So here they are for all to see.   I am enjoying the daily readings and am glad I took the challenge. This first challenge is already proving beneficial.  I find it motivating to remind myself of how important homemaking is to me.

If you recall, last August we were packed up and ready to move, but we had a change of plans and our move didn’t happen until December 31st and it was quick and all of a sudden.  From August to December we lived with our things packed away and among boxes and it was HARD.

Since our move now 4 months ago, life is better but our house is still not even painted and we are still among boxes; they are just in unused rooms right now.  I can’t hang up things that are important to me or display my favorite things that make us all feel nice.  It’s frustrating and sad to me.  I took this challenge because I need some help to get things done.  The Mary Challenges are the thing I really need at this time in my life.

I love to rearrange furniture.  To me, that’s how things REALLY get clean.  It is refreshing to my soul to declutter and organize.  BUT I am a perfectionist and sometimes, that leaves me feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated when I can’t do it the way I want right now.

I know how to clean. I enjoy the Martha Challenges which are often overlooked areas that feel great to tackle.  But The Mary Challenges are what I need.  I need to enliven my heart about homemaking, so I can move past this perfection thing.

Are there any other perfectionists out there who can relate?

If you’d like to join in the challenge, you can at anytime, just visit the links above and find out how.

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  1. You can do it!! Anything is better than nothing--hang in there and don;t let your perfectionism get in the way of progress: )


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