May 17, 2011

Garden Update

IMG_1683In our last garden post, our seedlings were doing well.  Much has happened since then.

I set out our seedlings to harden off.  They didn’t look so well after bringing them in.  The tender leaves on many of them looked bleached and wilted.  Some wrinkled up.  I tried not to panic.  I kept them inside for a few more days and then put them out for just an hour or two every day or so.  So far nothing is dead. 

It’s been a blessing actually to have these plants still inside.  Our weather has been crazy.  For a few days it will be in the high 80’s even low 90’s followed by storms (Tornadoes) and then dropping to the 40’s at night.  The wind and hail have beat people’s crops to death literally and I’m not eIMG_1680ven going to talk about all the flooding.

So as we speak I still don’t have garden dirt in my raised beds, but my plants look lovely.  My tomatoes are looking fantastic and my cantaloupe are begging for a place to spread.

If you remember right, I started all our plants from seed.  This has been quite an experience.  I had to separate plants and repot as they grew. I am pleased with the outcome thus far.

IMG_1686I went from several tomato plants in one container, to one in each container by separating the roots and repotting.

This was not difficult at all.  They easily came apart and When I repotted them individually I pulled off the first set of leaves and planted the whole stem in the soil.

Some of them were kind of flimsy as the stems were thin and delicate so I cut some straws length wise and made some supports for them. 9559 This worked well and since these pictures were taken I have removed most of the straws and the tomatoes are strong and healthy.

They are looking lovely now and have grown significantly.  I am looking forward to transplanting them into in my garden; so far the safest place for them has been inside. The weather has been crazy here!

Here is a picture of some of them today.  See how they have grown?  They are lovely.  Don’t you think?

Next week’s forecast looks nice for planting them outside, but I’m not holding my breath.


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