April 29, 2011

Our Chick Diary – Week 2

IMG_1693This second week has been just as fun and enlightening as the first.  Our chicks now have lots of feathers particularly on their wings.  As their feathers start coming in they look pretty sad.  They look dirty and kind of creepy, but it’s just the way new feathers come in.   Once they open their feathers they look quite lovely.

With these new found feathers have come lots of flapping and flying.  If we didn’t have hardware cloth over the top, some would have flown the coop by now.

They also have grown, I mean REALLY grown this week.  They have much longer necks and legs.  Their tail feathers which were just sprouting at the end of last week are considerably longer each day. Today some of them even have their combs sprouting on their heads. IMG_1700

We discovered something interesting as well.  Our chicks like it when we flick their beaks. Sounds weird huh? We place our finger under their beak and kind of do a “come here” finger motion on their beaks.  When I did this to the first chick that wanted to peck my finger, several others hurried over to investigate.  I flicked their beaks as well and they really seemed to like it.  We can not flick just one beak anymore, it draws a crowd and we have to flick several.  Aren’t they just silly?  The chicks also are really scratching and throwing up shavings behind them.  They cleaned out the center of the box in minutes playing this game.

IMG_1666Our plan this week was to join two large boxes to make more room for them.  In preparation, we moved the chicks to the bathtub.  They made quite the ruckus!  They also made quite the mess in our tub.  There was chicken poop all over the bottom. Can you say BLEACH?   We didn’t realize how much they pooped until they were in the tub.  Their brooder box has a thick layer of pine shavings that get mixed around, hiding the poo and the smell.  So, yeah, we really like the pine shavings around here.

Our plans for the box changed and we ran into town to a furniture store to pick up a larger box.  This new box is 4 foot by 4 foot and about 18 or so inches high.  They love it!  Our chicks did not like getting their feet washed before entering their new home, but oh well.  IMG_1690

This larger box is on the basement floor. So it’s much easier to look into.  The children love it of course, but no one loves it more than our dog Hanklin.  He loves the chicks! 

The next stop should be their outdoor chicken coop.  We plan to add the heat lamp and use it for their next brooder box until they can go in and out without need of any heat.  Now we just have to get it built!

This is our week two reporting. This next week we are expecting them to get looking really strange as they continue getting more feathers in.  At some point they will even have bald areas.  I guess we all have a gawky period don’t we?


  1. That beak-flicking is too funny! I love the pic of your son and dog watching the chicks! So cute :)

  2. Our chicks are now 10 weeks old, but we hadn't yet discovered the beak-flicking thing... LOL! So funny... We just clipped wings this week tho.

  3. We have baby chicks also. Tonight is their first night outside in the coop at 5 weeks of age with a heat light. It has been a load of fun watching them grow.


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