April 19, 2011

Birds are falling from the sky here!

Just moments ago, my children came running inside, IMG_1625saying our dog had caught a squirrel or something and some birds were swooping down at him.  I hurried to investigate and found a baby blue jay.

If I had not become comfortable with our 5-day old chicks, I’m certain I would not have picked this little bird up.  But I did, and he’s very sweet.  Unfortunately a storm is coming.  We are hoping the momma reclaims this little sweetie before it gets here.  If not we will put him in our first smaller brooder box and try to raise him until he can fly.  His feathers are not fully developed yet.

We put some pine shavings in a torn up flower pot to keep the bird comfy.  He’s a bit slobbery from our dog.  I think the bird is a he from his coloring and markings.We put him on the roof of our shed which is right beneath the tree the momma bird was in.

I could be wrong but I think our dog was trying to pick it up.  IMG_1629Hank has been very sweet with our new chicks and not the least bit aggressive.  In the past, our other dog, killed birds by grabbing them and shaking them.  Hank was not doing that at all.  He was holding the bird and dropped it when the little thing started flapping.  If he was intending to kill it, I believe he would have been chomping down harder.  I lowered the flower pot for Hank to look in and he didn’t try to get it or anything.  He looked up at me as if to say “Good, you’ve got it.”  Now we wait and hope the momma bird comes back.

It’s becoming a regular zoo around here! We are still into week 1 of raising our 23 chicks; adding a baby Blue Jay could prove interesting.


  1. Such a wonderful lesson for your kids! The poor momma bird, but if she doesn't claim it, what a fun experience for your kids to raise it.

    Also, hope your poor skin is getting better. What a horrible thing to go through. Itchy is not fun. (plus I am aweful at NOT itching, so it would be torture!)

  2. Something to research: Will a wild mama animal reclaim her young after it has been touched by another/human?

  3. Hi Amy,
    Last night I researched and found that yes indeed, the mother will continue to care for her fledgling if she feels safe enough to do so. I worried about that as well as I've heard they won't. I'll post an update to this story as it's been interesting to watch. :) Thanks for commenting.

    And Jaime, Thanks for the get well wishes. Time will take care of things as it always does. It's nice to know that this (poison ivy)too shall come to pass :)


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