April 21, 2011

Birds and More Birds


Our rescued baby Blue-Jay spent the night in our first brooder box (intended for chicks) dry and safe from the storms in our basement.  This morning we placed the fledgling back outside in our yard in hopes the momma bird would reclaim it.  This was the suggested course of action from bird forums online. 

Within seconds of placing the bird on the ground, there was a Blue-Jay on the branch right above me watching.  By the time I made it back inside, that Blue-Jay was joined by a Robin.  Shortly thereafter, they were joined by another Blue-Jay and a Mockingbird.

The adult Blue-Jay squawked at the baby and it hopped to the fence next to a small tree trunk.  The 4 birds seemed to be working together somehow to help the baby bird.

When I returned to look out my back door a while later, there was no sign of the baby bird and the other birds were behaving normally.  We searched for the baby and saw no signs of it.  We have high hopes it was somehow rescued and is doing well.

In a strange twist of fate,  we had another bird event just a couple of hours later.  Two small wood ducks flew into our yard.  I’ve never seen a duck in a tree before, but here are two.  My daughter informed me that they are wood ducks and that they make nests in holes in trees.  Upon researching, I found this to be true.


There is a male and female in this picture.  Can you see them both?  Thank goodness for a good zooming camera.  They were way up and far away. 


Here is a close up crop. I wish the picture could have been clearer but they were flying from tree to tree and I was lucky to even find them in my view to snap a picture in time.

And just in case you haven’t seen enough bird posts, be sure and check back on Friday for our Chick Diary – week 1

It’s been great!


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