March 13, 2011

Our Weekly Review (March 7-11)

9460Our past week was quite busy. In addition to our normal schooling routine, I had a 4-H Leaders Meeting one night, followed by a Poultry Workshop the following night.  The night after that I was working on a dual service project with the young women at church who will not be attending Trek this year. I did enjoy dinner out with my hubby on Friday night and then bright and early on Saturday, I met the Webelos at a State Park to work on a couple of their badges.  At the same time and place, Mattie attended a Youth Leadership Meeting.

Wow!  That’s even tiring typing it out. 

We recently joined 4-H and I am just thrilled with the opportunities.  We ordered chickens in February and will pick them up in April when they will be 1 day old. We are so excited!  We just moved into the country on New Year’s Eve and have jumped into country life with both feet.  9429

We are also working on our garden.  We’ve been waiting for a bigger yard and now we have one.  We have so much work ahead of us with our new projects.  Learning opportunities are overflowing for us right now.

Mason is still riding his bike everywhere he possibly can, including inside the house. 

Michael has 1 week until Spring Break.  He is doing really well in college.  I can’t believe how quickly the semester is flying by.

Now to plan out our Easter Study.  Have a great week!


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