March 05, 2011

Mason’s HeroScape Setup – The Rumbling Volcano

Years ago, Michael, my oldest purchased a board/building game called Heroscape.  We would play it every so often and it was a favorite at our homeschool group indoor recess activities.  I have to admit, a huge part of the draw to this game is the fact that you get to build the game board. You also get to decide the objective of the game and choose your characters which have different strengths and weaknesses.  It is a strategy game at it’s finest.

On Friday morning, Mason, my youngest decided he wanted to learn how to play so he set up a simple scenario and I taught him the rules.  He loves this game!  Last night he built this creation. He calls it the Rumbling Volcano.

We played on it this morning for over three hours.  He was so sad to take apart his game board to let his sister have a turn to build.  I took lots of pictures for him to remember his wonderful setup.  Here are a few.


This picture (above) shows his overall layout, complete with lava pit, bridge and stream passing underneath. 


His characters are the Knights of Weston (seen on and off the bridge), The Roman Legion (shown on the grass level shown in bottom picture), the Marro group (of the more creepy creature variety on the bridge), Sgt. Drake (an army guy on the far grassy knoll past the bridge).  He also has another creepy guy in front of his knights.

My characters are the Sentinels of Jandar (winged warriors on the shore of the river), the Obsidian Guards (Lava Creatures in the molten lava pit), Samurai Warriors (on the grassy area) and Raelin (a winged protective character also from Jandar).


Here is a close-up view of the cave area Mason made on the back side.  You can see the river going under the bridge as well.  His Roman Legion is hanging out down there.

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  1. My boys just got the Marvdel heroes version of that game for their birthday


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