March 26, 2011

Gardening Progress: Day 9

 Flat #1

9474On day 5, we had sugar snap peas breaking up through the soil.  It seemed there was a new plant emerging every hour. 


On day 9, we have much larger sugar snap peas. My son has raised the grow lights twice to keep up with the constantly growing plants.  We really need to get these outside soon.  They are ready to climb and vine. 

You can also see 3 types of tomatoes coming up.  I’ll need to thin them soon.  The only things that have not reared their little heads are our onions in the last row. 

Flat #2


This flat (pictured above) was put together 2 days later than the previous one.  The lovely green row is Bibb Lettuce.  The 1st row of smaller seedlings is Romaine Lettuce.  I probably need to thin these and get them out soon.  I hope they hang on until next week.  I’m glad I didn’t put them out yet.  Our weather took a crazy turn and we had brutal winds the past few days and a huge temperature drop.  It was in the high 40s at lunch time today.  Brrrr!  Please come back Spring!

Here is a picture showing our flats under our grow light setup. I still haven’t put up our second light on it’s rail, but need to soon.  It’s fun seeing these plants grow right before our eyes.


So how does your garden grow?

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  1. I love to watch gardens grow! Since we are in Florida, our tomatoes are coming along now and we need to get some other things in the ground soon too.


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