February 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up (The Two-Month Version)

Since we were without internet access for two months due to our move into the country, I wasn’t able to post our weekly reviews.  I thought I’d wrap up a couple of months with this one.


January was cold – very cold.  We’ve had more snow here than I can remember.  The temps were very low and record breaking for our area. We spent the first half of the month working on our unfinished home and adapting to life in a new place.  Even though we are still working on our home, we did start back with our normal learning schedule part-time in January.

Without internet access, the children were not able to work on Dreambox Learning for their Math so we worked on math facts review.  The entire time the children read loads of books and I read aloud for a couple of hours or so daily.

Since our home is not finished yet, most of our homeschooling supplies are still packed.  I did dig through some boxes and pulled out what I wanted.

Mattie fell in love with the nonfiction section of the library and has read 40 or more books about animals – this is no exaggeration.  Mason is still my reluctant reader but he reads what he has to and surprisingly, he picked out a biography on Martin Luther King Jr. and read it on his own.  I’m still trying to understand the thinking of this child.


So far this month has just flown by.  We’ve had above average temperatures here, which were very much welcomed especially considering the below average ones of last month. We are back into our full time homeschooling schedule.  It feels so good!

We have required standardized testing coming up soon, so the children have been doing practice tests to prepare.  I’ll post more about that another time.

Mason has earned his Webelos badge and has almost earned his arrow of light in Cub Scouts.  He has also taught himself to ride his bike.  I am soooo thrilled!  Hearmadillo insists on teaching himself most things so this was a victory that was all his. 

On the day he decided he was officially a bike rider, a terrible winter storm hit and we were covered in snow for several days.  Then the weather flipped and we had highs in the 6os and low 70s.  We walked down to the park for him to practice riding his bike on the paved trail.  He rode around and around and was so happy with his accomplishment.  That same night, the cub scouts rode bikes for one mile timed.  I thought Mason might not make it.  He stopped a few times.  I knew those little legs were not yet used to all that pedaling and it was up hill at least half of each lap.  He didn’t give up though.  He finished his mile in 14 minutes and in March he will repeat the task and see how his time has declined. 

Since then we have visited the park nearly every day.  He rides and rides.  I have no doubt his time will improve considerably.

Another learning opportunity presented itself and we joined a 4H group.  We have dove into a 4H study on Entomology and we have ordered a batch of chicks to raise.  Yep, we’ve embraced living in the country with both hands. =)   We are supposed to receive our one-day-old chicks in mid April, and we have much to do before then to be ready.  In addition, Mattie is entering her first 4H event in just a couple of weeks.  She is participating in a Dairy Foods Recipe Contest.

Just a few days ago we were able to finally get high speed internet access here – which reminds me, we need to look up info on armadillos.  Last week our dog found an armadillo burrowing in our yard and kept grabbing it by its tail.  It was pretty scary - I must admit.  The next day we were relieved to see it had moved on to a safer area.  Good Dog!  =)

So far the report from our new country life is that we are more active and enjoying all the new opportunities available to us.


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