February 24, 2011

Hitting Delete & Taking Back My Time

deletebuttonOn New Year’s Eve, my family and I moved to the country.  Until yesterday, we were without internet access. 

During this nearly two month hiatus from the internet, I came to know that I really appreciate many online services like:

  • online banking and bill paying
  • researching
  • keeping in touch
  • Netflix
  • Paperback Swap
  • educational resources
  • weather reports

I also realized that I can happily live without other services that take away from my family. It’s time for me to hit the big DELETE button on my reader. 

Since I choose not to be an impulse buyer, I don’t need to know about every great money saving deal out there. I’m no longer following the many  “save money on these deals” type blogs.  If I lived without a product before a great deal, I figure I can live without it after.  I’m quite capable of finding great deals when I need them.

I am also deleting from my list all the blogs that have turned into advertising sites.  I follow blogs because I enjoy getting ideas and gaining new perspective, not because I want to be sold a product.  I don’t even watch TV commercials, so if this fits your site – sorry.  It’s sad that so many wonderful sites have turned commercial.  I do still enjoy reading about reviews though.

I am deleting from my reader many of the cool remodeling and craft blogs.  I plan to spend the time saved, making my own crafty things for our home.

DELETE never felt so good.


  1. I go through my blog reader regularly to delete those who are not posting or no longer posting something that fills me up in one of my roles (wife, mother, homeschool parent). It is so freeing!

  2. Good on you, we so caught up in maybe missing out that we just keep adding them to our readers.

  3. I inadvertantly deleted my reader. Not sure how it happened but I lost all the blogs I once read. Boy do I have a lot more time now! :)


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