January 29, 2011

Book Log: Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater

mrpopperOriginally published in 1938, this book has remained on the library shelves for a good reason. This story is unique.  Mr. Popper is a painter and wallpaper man by trade. During the winter season he has no work and his family has to live on meager savings. 

Mr. Popper has a strong passion for the south pole.  He has always desired to go there; he’s read every book about it in the library and he’s even followed the explorer Admiral Drake on his live radio show direct from the Antarctic.  Mr. Popper receives a message from Admiral Drake telling him a surprise is on the way.  Can you imagine? The surprise happens to be a penguin.  In this story you follow all the crazy antics of not one penguin but twelve, and learn how Mr. Popper finds a way to make some money for his family during the winter season after all.

I will admit the ending is odd.  We looked at each other and my husband said “That wouldn’t happen around here .“ I wonder what others have thought about the ending.


  1. We thought the ending was odd,too....Mr. Popper lives out his dream I guess? All in all an AWESOME book!

  2. We just finished this last week! We really enjoyed it!


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