December 13, 2010

Christmas Countdown Tags/Pockets


Every year we read the Christmas Story aloud as a family.  This year I added countdown tags/pockets with questions about the Christmas Story for my younger two.  They already know the account of Jesus’s birth,  but instead of relying on the accounts they’ve heard from us and others, I want them to encounter the story on their own, directly from the scriptural accounts.   I want them to spend some time in their scriptures searching for the answers to our countdown tags.  If your children enjoy lapbooks, chances are they will enjoy this activity as well.

The Christmas Countdown Tags are made with library card holders, scrapbooking paper and index cards. I added some ribbon at the top for the cute factor.  To go along with this countdown.  WE use a paper numbered 1 through 25 for them to record their answers each day.


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