November 06, 2010

Weekly Review: The one filled with tragedy (poison ivy and Hamlet)

This week has went well considering that Monday I had to admit that Yes, I have poison Ivy.  I’ve never had poison ivy before despite the fact that I am allergic to a good part of what grows on the earth, and then some.

hamlettickets It started with a few itchy red bumps which turned into itchy red swollen lines, then more bumps and more swelling and horrid itching.  It is now Saturday.  I still have new itching bumps popping up despite being on steroids since Thursday Night.

I am grateful for prednisone.  It has brought me relief from allergies and asthma many times.  I know it’s helping.  The swelling has gone down and I am not on the brink of insanity with the itching.  Well that is until it wears off about 10 hrs later.

I keep telling myself that at some point when the steroid wears off I won’t notice it so much.  That will be a good sign.  but until then I have poison ivy on my legs, arms, thumb, neck and earlobe.  Did I mention my eye has been itching for the past 40 minutes or so?

Oh and Mason is running a fever today.  (sigh)

Aside from this, we really did have a productive week and are thoroughly enjoying our newest read aloud – Peter and the shadow thief.  We’ve memorized some more songs and Articles of Faith.

The highlight of my week, I would have to say is our trip to see Hamlet.  Michael and I went to the theatre and had a blast!  It was so awesome! Next week we are off to see WICKED!  There are benefits to a son attending college who is required to attend two theatre productions this semester. ☺


  1. Ooo! I LOVE Hamlet! I'm glad you had a great time! :-D (Wicked is awesome, too!)

  2. Oh Dana! Poor thing! I really want to see Wicked! too.

  3. Hi, I've sent an award your way! : )


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