November 12, 2010

Thanks - Whoever you are!

6thannualawards-roundcorner-450Have you noticed all the hype about the Homeschooling Blog Awards?  Several of the blogs I read have been nominated and  shared their excitement on their blogs.

Even though I write for this and a couple of other blogs, I’m just not into the recognition thing.  I mean it’s nice to get recognized and I appreciate it when people send awards my way, but I just don’t feel comfortable asking for recognition.  It’s weird…  Writing is just an outlet.  A way to share for me. 

Imagine my surprise today when I followed a link from my stats page to the homeschool blog awards and found this blog there!  Really?  It’s under Best Plans, Crafts and Projects Blog 2010.  So whoever nominated me,  thanks.  That was nice!

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  1. I feel the same about the various awards out there, and I was very surprised to find my little home learning blog in a few categories!
    Congrats on your nominations!


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