November 21, 2010

Our Weekly Review (Nov 15-19): So many books, so little time

stack of booksWe’ve had another productive week.  I am so happy the basics get done without a whole lot of effort.  The children have all been congested and my run on prednisone was up and left me feeling horrid.  So it was headaches and feeling totally wired and jittery for me.   I have started some herbals and hope that helps.  I will post more on that later.

We’ve had our faces in plenty of books this week. Lately, I’ve been compiling the children’s book reading into a monthly post for our own records.  They enjoy seeing their lists grow throughout the month.  When they have finished a book, they give it to me to record in Windows Live Writer.  I didn’t realize when I started, the effect this would have on their reading.  Seeing their lists grow somehow motivates them to read more.  Who knew? … something so simple.

We have finished the first 3 books in The Starcatchers Series by Dave Barry.  We are on the fourth and final (I think) book.  This series is great!  It is fun to see the connections to Peter Pan and it is full of adventure and cliff hangers from chapter to chapter.  However, reading all 4 in a row, has Peter oozing from my ears.  Truly, there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing”.  I’m not saying the 4th book isn’t any good.  On the contrary, I just needed a break to read something else after probably the 2nd book before diving back into the story.  It’s kind of like chocolate cake – It’s good, but eating the whole thing at once is a little much. ☺ Of course the children insisted I jump right into the next in the series, so that’s what I’ve done.


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