November 24, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Unit – Day 2

pilgrims of plimothToday we read The Pilgrims of Plimoth written by Marcia Sewall.  This book is written as if a pilgrim is telling you of life through his/her eyes. 

We read of the everyday workings of the Pilgrims, from gardening and child rearing to clothing repair and cooking from the female perspective.  We read of the chores and duties and play of the children from their perspective. From the male point of view we read of the work and weather and toil required to build a life in this new land.   I enjoyed the various perspectives very much.  It is an enjoyable read and includes things not covered in Pilgrim Voices which we read yesterday.  The language of the book, while not exactly modern, is more so than the previous mentioned book. It is 48 pages including a glossary and pleasant paintings throughout.

The children worked a Pilgrim and Indian crossword puzzle from Give Thanks. They really enjoy crossword puzzles right now so this was a fun activity for them. 


They also wrote blessings they are thankful for on leaf shapes to add to their blessing trees. 

9176There are several recipes in Give Thanks.  I let the children choose which they’d like to try.  We made Pumpkin Pancakes for breakfast, and are planning to try frontier fudge and some of the other recipes later.

While we worked on our projects, we listened to some of the songs found in the copywork section as well.  Some of these are found in our hymnbook at church.  I linked a few here:

Thanksgiving Unit Links:

* You can download free sample pages of Give Thanks here.


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