November 22, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Unit – Day 1

When holidays approach, I head to the library and browse through the various holiday related books.  I chose a few (sometimes several) to enjoy.  This was the case for Thanksgiving. 

Give ThanksIn addition to the books we borrowed, I wanted to involve the children in some other activities.  I came across Give Thanks from Discover the Scriptures and Rochelle was gracious enough to let me review it for her. You can download 12 sample pages here.   I will admit, the hardest part of using this curriculum is deciding what to use.  There are 103 pages in the PDF.  It is full of so many great things.  I can already tell, there is no way we will be able to use all this material in one year; which means I’ll be able to use this next year too. ☺ I love that there are things available for multiple grade levels or abilities. We plan to spend 3 days on our Thanksgiving Unit this year.

Today, we read several sections from Give Thanks while Mattison colored her Pilgrim and Indian paper dolls and Mason colored his Thanksgiving Dinner Place Cards.  We are not using these as place cards but as stand-up characters. In addition, we practiced handwriting using one of the notebooking pages.  I had the children make a list of what the Pilgrims were thankful for.



We also read Pilgrim Voices: Our First Year in the New World by Connie and Peter Roop.  pilgrim voicesThis is a neat book written in journal format using two histories – Mourt’s Relation and Bradford’s History of Plymouth Plantation.  The first-person voice and detailed paintings really helped bring us into the era.  It’s nice to read about the Pilgrims in their own words, instead of another’s interpretation of them.  It struck me how important understanding one another truly is.

The hungry people of the Mayflower found corn buried in baskets in the ground.  They tried to find the natives, to no avail, so they took the corn hoping to repay them later.  I can imagine how this must have looked to the natives - their corn was stolen.  They had no way of knowing the intentions of the new people who had come to their land.  I appreciated reading not only of the actions taken but the intentions and reactions to each other.  This book (48 pages long including the index) is easy to enjoy in one sitting while the children work on other projects.


  1. We've been doing this the last couple weeks and have enjoyed it so, so much! The reading and activities included in the unit along with some wonderful books from the library have been awesome. We've learned lots.

    I purchased Discover Christmas over the weekend and have it ready to go for next week. Believe it or not, it looks even more fun than Give Thanks!! I LOVE Discover the Scriptures:-)!!

  2. We used Discover Christmas last year and absolutely loved it! I'm sure there are things we will use again this year from it as well. Discover Easter was fantastic as well! My children especially liked the lapbook and booklets in it! We highly recommend them all.

  3. Yes, these are wonderful!! We used a tiny bit of their Easter unit this past year, but not much so I know we will be using it again! I am so excited about beginning Discover Christmas--so many books, so little time:-)....


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