November 01, 2010

Mattie’s October Book Log

TBF_COTFA Here is the list of books Mattie has read for October. She is so thrilled to finally be reading the things she’s wanted to.  While her face is stuck in a book you will often hear her laughing, gasping and commenting about what she is reading.  They are VERY happy sounds to this Mom.  Mattie loves animals and she was thrilled to come across The Buddy Files.

All of these books were read by her, either to herself or to someone else:

  1. Pup and Hound Hatch an Egg by Susan Hood
  2. The Bears’ Picnic by Stan and Jan Berenstain
  3. Bug Hunter by DK Smithsonian
  4. Sharks by Ginjer Clarke
  5. Slinky Scaly Snakes! by Jennifer Dussling
  6. Baby Alligator by Ginjer L. Clarke
  7. Animal Talk by Melissa McDaniel
  8. Pup and Hound Play Copycats by Susan Hood
  9. Pup and Hound in Trouble by Susan Hood
  10. Pup and Hound Catch a Thief by Susan Hood
  11. Once I ate a Pie by Patricia MacLachlan and Emily MacLachlan Charest
  12. Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion
  13. The Strange Disappearance of Arthur Cluck by Nathaniel Benchley
  14. A Day at Greenhill Farm by Sue Nicholson
  15. Did You See Chip? by Wong Herbert Yee
  16. The Buddy Files: The Case of The Fire Alarm by Dori Hillestad Butler


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