November 12, 2010

Book Log: Peter and the Shadow Thieves

peter and the shadow thiefPeter and the Shadow Thieves by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson is the 2nd book in the Peter and the Starcatchers Series.

While we thoroughly enjoyed the first of this trilogy, the 2nd was just phenomenal.  There is such adventure and daring in this story!  We read 10 or more chapters most nights because we just couldn’t put it down.

This part of Peter’s adventure begins when mysterious and foreboding visitors come to Mollusk Island (aka Neverland).  These visitors are searching for the starstuff and they aim to do anything necessary to possess it. One of the visitors is different and unnerves all around.  He has abilities that enable him to gain information.  After learning, the starstuff has been taken to London, the fearsome crew set off in search of Mollly Aster and her family.  Peter must find a way to warn them.

Peter sets sail with the crew, hiding in the folds of a sail. When he reaches London, he finds himself in all sorts of danger.  He’s having serious trouble saving himself and Tink!  How will he ever be able to save Molly? Will he even be able to find her in time? 

We absolutely loved this book!  It is fast paced, full of adventure and imagination!  Some of the characters are kind of creepy.  I would recommend this for children probably 8 or older.  If you are interested in reading this as a family read-aloud, prepare for some lengthy readings.  It’s that good!


  1. We loved those books too!

  2. I think I am falling in love with your blog ;)
    Books!! We love books here!
    I even host a weekly Book Sharing Monday on our home learning blog, please come and visit and if you like, submit your book sharing post in mr linky!

  3. My husband and I read these together and we just adored them

  4. My husband and I read these books together, we just adored them


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