November 04, 2010

Book Log: Barney and the Runaway

Barney and the Runaway FINAL cover 200 Barney and the Runaway is another book by Max Elliot Anderson. True to his goal, Mr. Anderson has created a story fitting for reluctant readers.  This chapter book is 130 pages total, divided into 14 chapters.  The text is a bit larger than your typical chapter book with matching spacing.  These traits, make this chapter book seem approachable and doable for even the most reluctant reader.

Barney and the Runaway is an adventure shared between a boy who feels everyone is against him, his faithful dog Barney, and a clown.

When running away accidently becomes a reality, Michael (MIKE) finds himself in real trouble.  Mike needs help whether he realizes it or not, and he finds that help in Big Bob, a circus clown.  Big Bob just may be the only person who can truly understand what Mike is feeling, and more importantly, what the consequences of Mike’s choices could have on him in the future.

What seems to be a hallmark of Anderson’s books is that there is plenty of adventure, excitement, and danger mixed with a Christian belief system of forgiving, being responsible, telling the truth, serving others, praying, etc. 

We enjoyed this quick read. You can read our review of another Max Elliot Anderson book, Lost Island Smugglers, here.


  1. Thank you for the review! How did you get a copy of the book if it is not going to be released until March 2011?

  2. Hi Amy. You know, I didn't even realize this book wasn't out yet! I sometimes receive copies of books from publishing companies in the mail for my opinion.

    I wish I was sent books from more companies ☺ , as it helps the pocketbook and also introduces me to books I might miss otherwise. I am always happy to share a good read when I come across one!

    Sorry you have to wait for this one. It is a good read!


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