October 15, 2010

Book Log: The Year Money Grew on Trees

yearmoneygrewontrees Once again, I struggle to find words to describe a book without giving away the twists and turns that make the journey so fun. 

This was another treasure I happened upon at our library recently.  When I first viewed The Year Money Grew on Trees by Aaron Hawkins, I just knew something special awaited within the pages.  This book was so delightful and fun and full of memories and good times together.  I just adored every minute of it – well…. except for the chapter about the mean ole’ double crossing lady – that’s when I wanted to throw an apple at her head.

The main character, Jackson is a resourceful 13-year-old boy.  Mrs. Nelson is an older neighbor lady with a somewhat ruthless reputation.  They enter into an agreement.

If Jackson works the orchard and earns $8,000 from apple sales within a single growing season, the orchard would be his and he could keep any of the extra money.  IF he fails to earn the $8,000, he gets nothing.

And so the adventure begins.

This book is the story of growing up in the country in the 1980’s.  It’s about siblings and cousins spending those seemingly endless days and nights together.  It’s about work – hard work – and persistence and apples.  It’s about LOTS and LOTS of apples. 

We laughed, and I cried happy tears.  And I look forward to doing it again.  Oh, and if you hear of an orchard for sale, be sure and let me know. ☺   Don’t miss this wonderful book!

You can visit the author’s page for photos of the tools, apples and other things mentioned in the book.  Plus there is a section of multiple choice questions about money and apples. Really cool!


  1. Just added to my Christmas list!!

  2. Just put it on hold at our library they are on order at this time. I look forward to reading it.

  3. Oh my goodness--that sounds wonderful! I've never heard of this before.

  4. You don't know me, but thanks for the review! I checked out this book from the library, and my boys and I are really enjoying it. As a new homeschooler, I find your blog really inspiring, and love all the ideas I get here. Thank you!


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