October 29, 2010

Book Log: Peter and the Starcatchers

Peterstar We finished Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson earlier this week.   I have to say this was a fantastically fun and clever book.  The authors have gone back in time to tell the beginnings of J.M Barrie’s classic Peter Pan.  This is the first in the trilogy.  If you find the English sophistry of the classic endearing you will not be disappointed in Peter and the Starcatchers.  It has an equal charm and likability.

We first meet the Peter of the past, and his orphaned friends as they are traveling to meet their ship (The Never Land) which will take them to a new home and a new horror, King Zarboff.  Peter immediately stands out - partly because of his nature and partly because we were looking for familiar characters as we read.

Peter and his friends are accompanied on their ship by Molly (a girl with secrets), a pirate crew and a mysterious trunk.

This book has creative answers to questions you might have had regarding the original Peter Pan, like

  • How did Tinkerbell become Peter’s sidekick?
  • How did the Croc eat Captain Hook’s hand?
  • What was Captain Hook called before he had a hook for a hand?
  • How did Peter learn to fly?
  • Where did the mermaids in the lagoon come from?
  • How did Neverland get it’s name?
  • Why does Captain Hook hate Peter so much?
  • Where did the lost boys come from?

It was really fun hearing my children gasp over and over as they realized how certain things linked up with the Peter Pan they were already familiar with.  We really enjoyed this book and have started on the next in the trilogy, Peter and the Shadow Thief. ☺

Note: Early in the book, we learn that Black Stache has a secret weapon so to speak, and that he  hired a corset maker to construct it.  Chapters later, when the secret weapon is put into action, we realized that a monstrous-sized corset was made to serve as a super powerful sail.  This “secret weapon” is referred to as “The Ladies”.  If you find the mention of undergarments, or a corset sail being called by such a name offensive, you might have a problem with this particular part.  I admit I chuckled to myself. ☺


  1. I am going to see if our library has it. Thanks for the review.

  2. My kids loved Peter and the Starcatchers. We all loved learning how Neverland and all its inhabitants came to be.
    I tried the next book but my kids lost interest. They might have been too young perhaps I will try it again.

  3. The Never Fairy10/30/2010

    Although it's a fun adventure on its own, a prequel to "Peter Pan" it is not. It seems like Barry & Pearson never bothered to read Barrie's original stories. They have a TON of mistakes... both fact-checking and thematic. They even change Peter's personality and reason for not growing up. How can the authors have such disrespect for a classic?
    List of Differences

    There is a book that's faithful to Barrie, continuing the story with notes he left behind: Click!

    And here's one that is just for moms (and dads) because it's not for the kids. Click!

  4. FOr those interested in the liberty taken with these stories as they relate to the original Peter Pan you can find a List of differences


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