September 19, 2010

(WR Sept 13-17) Pig-Latin, sketching notebooks, creative crocheting & a pirate named Fish

WRsep13-17 We began with the basics.  Math fact practice, Dreambox Learning, and lots of reading aloud.  This week our read-alouds include Fish, and several books about bats.

Mason and I read The 1st book in The Dragon Slayer’s Academy series together.  I am desperate to get my reluctant reader to enjoy reading. In this book the pig speaks pig-Latin.  It is so funny to read in pig-Latin.  As you can imagine, Mason and I have been speaking pig-Latin quite a bit ever since.   E-hay  inks-thay  at-thay  it’s  unny-fay. ☺ His weekly book log is here.

Mattison has her face stuck in various books each day. I’ll get her book log up shortly.

I picked up nice sketch books for the children and myself for our Nature notebooks, but Mason has claimed it early and is drawing much of the time.  He is actually quite talented in this area.  We added some erasable colored pencils, a sharpener and pastel crayons to their zippered bags.  I forgot to get some for myself so I had to make another trip to the store.  The children love to draw.  I often find them working in their sketch books.  Mattison has really noticed the texture of the paper and runs her fingers across it regularly.  She says that the textured paper makes her coloring neater.  I told her that she makes her coloring neater by feeling how her pencils move across the paper. I’ll get some images of some of their work next week.

Mason has been working on his crocheting.  He is trying various patterns and figuring some stuff out. He’ll be happy to show Gma Gma (his great grandmother) his progress in October.  Crocheting isn't typically a “boys” activity, but Mason loves string and rope and knots.  He’s been making rope by crocheting.  I purchased him some hemp cord to work with as well.  He’s always  had a need to work his find motor muscles and this definitely does the job.  I’m thinking he might like macramé.

I’ve been reading a book called Educating for Human Greatness and I am working through ideas in my mind.  I’ll share more about that later. I am in the planning stages of an experiment.

Our homeschool group is back in full swing now.  We meet weekly and are getting things planned. This week we had a picnic at the park and declared outdoor recess.  The adults visited and the kids played and Mason got stung by a yellow jacket. That in and of itself was a new experience.

No – haven’t moved yet.  Yes – I’m disgusted living among piles of boxes. I have nothing else to say about that. 

This is our weekly wrap-up.


  1. It sounds like a good week! The sketch books - yep, it's been neat to see which of my kids continue going to theirs to use a lot outside of nature studies.

    I'm sorry you live in box-ville still, but I'm glad you mentioned it, I was wondering. Praying you survive the stay!

  2. my dh crochets. it relaxes him and gives his always busy hands something to do while he sits. really is handy as now I always have a ready supply of dishcloths! :)

  3. Sounds productive! I wish I could be.


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