September 03, 2010

Weekly Review Aug 30 – Sep 3

weekly review aug sep This week has sped by for us.  Nothing much has changed.  We have still not moved into our new home and our homeschool materials are still packed and I still commute 2 hours each day taking Michael to college.  Luckily we still have the library and the computer available.

We played at the park a few times this week and took an up-close tour of a military tank.  There were lots of doors and latches to open.  The smallest one, I could barely open because the thick metal was so heavy.  I am certain the soldiers who operate tanks have to be very strong.

Michael had a busy week at college.  And we had great news about his World Civilizations class.

Mattie and Mason have continued their math facts.  They know them much better than the last time we worked on them.  Of course working on Dreambox Learning this summer has helped enormously.  They spend 30 minutes on Dreambox each day as part of their math work.

We finished our read-aloud by Max Elliot Anderson and started a new book titled Emma’s River by Alison Hart.  In addition, Michael is reading Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief to Mattie and Mason and they are loving it!

The children’s reading is improving by leaps and bounds.  It is so fun to see! 

I love homeschooling!  It’s going to be a great year!

This has been our weekly wrap-up.


  1. I keep hoping to hear you've been able to move in. Oh well, we all know real-life learning sticks with the kids the best! Sounds like they're doing just fine without all the schoolbooks.

  2. Your excitement is infectious. I love it! I like your collage.

  3. Your blog is so fun! I love surfing around. Keep it up!

  4. Thanks for all the kind words. ☺ Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Love hearing about the reading!

  6. Sounds like a great week. Maybe not having schoolbooks isn't such a bad idea.

    Janet W

  7. Hey, just stopped by from MMB. Sounds like a pretty good week!

  8. Just visiting from Weekly Wrap-Up. It is so fun to see what homeschooling might be like when my son is older. I have never made a lapbook before, so I'm intrigued by your template. Looking forward to browsing around your site a bit more. :)

  9. My son is addicted to the Percy Jackson books. We have been waiting to get one from the library for a while and he just can't stop going through them lately.
    I love when literature catches little boys like that.

  10. My middle son (12) read all of the Percy Jackson books. I read almost all of them except the last one. He's reading the new book by Rick Riordan now, The Red Pyramid and I'm reading it with him. Definitely boy's books - all action!


  11. Looks like ya'll had a good week. My 12 year old son LOVES the Percy Jackson books. And he even pulled out the old book of Greek myths once to help him remember all the characters. Hope you have a great week next week!


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