September 29, 2010

Ordering & Finding the Books of Scripture

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Two of the current goals I have for my children are:

  1. to learn the order of the scriptures by heart and
  2. to become efficient at finding scripture verses on their own


Although we read from our Scriptures every day, my children don’t know the order of the books of Scripture yet, so I am planning on working on this with them.  If the truth be told, I don’t fully know the order by heart myself.  I have nifty little tabs on my scriptures that direct me to the book I am looking for and I rely on those, so I am looking forward to learning them myself.  We are using these songs to help us:

Each night before we read from our Scriptures together as a family we sing our song to learn the order.  Some evenings everyone is happily cooperating and other evenings, someone (I’m not mentioning any names) purposely sings in a strange voice causing other to laugh. ☺ We are getting there though, and that is the point.

Find It!:

Learning the order of their scriptures is going to assist in the other goal I have for the children.  That is - to become more efficient in finding scripture references on their own.  They rely heavily on their bookmarks for where they are, or for our verbal cues (…it’s on page 131). 

For the past week we have had the children find scripture references for practice.  They are getting quicker and are more confident at it.

8814 8813

I  made some simple Find it! practice sheets for this.  It is a very simple table style with the scripture to find in one column and an area to write the page # where that scripture is found in another column.  It’s that simple.  You could use a piece of notebook paper.  Today I asked the children to find four references on their sheet.  Mattison went ahead and found seven and Mason found ten.

Because I know that it is through small and simple means that great things are brought to pass, I know that these small & simple lessons are going to prove a huge blessing for us all.


  1. Cute idea! We need to brush up on the songs again, but I know Makayla would like some practice finding scriptures. Hmm, off to make a few quick pages for her workbox!

  2. What a great idea! We have been learning the songs in Primary during Closing Exercises but what a good way to implement what they are learning. I'll have to add this to our "things to do" list.


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