September 10, 2010

Mattie is Finally a Reading Machine!

Since Tuesday, in addition to her stack of picture books, Mattison has read the chapter books seen here.

 brave bunny  panda puzzle  junie b jones peep

Yes, I am doing the HAPPY DANCE!!  It’s brought tears to her Daddy’s eyes. .. not the dance - his daughter reading.  ☺  Her face is regularly stuck in a book and her giggles and comments about what she’s reading echo through the house.

Mattison (age 11) has really struggled with reading. Her journey has looked like this:

  • Problems hearing certain levels of sound
  • Surgery and speech therapy
  • Problems with her vision
  • Glasses and vision therapy
  • Auditory processing challenges
  • Sight word damage
  • Exercises on Decode ABC to help repair the sight word damage
  • and finally All About Spelling

curious kittenThis has been her year for reading!  Her Speech therapist has been so impressed with Mattison’s reading progress this year.  She said “I know she’s not been reading long, but she reads like she’s been doing it for years.”

Here is her first chapter book read on her own accord. She personally picked it out from Paperback Swap.

It’s The Curious Kitten (A little Animal Ark book) by Ben M. Baglio.

She is so thrilled with herself!  She is finally a reading machine!    Shhhhew!  I can now breathe!


  1. Hooray! It is wonderful to make that progress, especially with the obstacles she's had.

  2. Hooray!!! My son is only 2, but he has Down I know his path the reading will be much more long and winding than my older daughter's. Reading about the triumumphs of others always gives me hope and the motivation to keep him HOME and teach him myself!!!

  3. That is so great :) My daughters love the Junie B Jones series. Between the two of them, we have at least 5 different ones. And they love getting the others from the library. Gotta love it when the little ones giggle and squeal when they're getting into a good book.

  4. Yea! That is just too cool. The best club in the world is the "I can read!" club!!!


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