September 16, 2010

Mason’s weekly book log

dragon_slayer_academy Mason who is a VERY reluctant reader refuses to read books on his own.  He is a good reader. He has excellent decoding skills.  He loves to be read to.  However, when he reads aloud, he sometimes plows over punctuation without pausing and I suspect this makes his comprehension challenging. 

In hopes that he will someday decide it’s not so bad, I sit with him each day to read a book.  I read the page on my side and he reads the page on his side.  If he doesn’t acknowledge punctuation as he’s reading, I’ll say “Lets eat Grandma”.  We both giggle and he rereads with the appropriate breaks. This has turned moments of correcting his fluency into a funny shared moment instead of a criticizing one.  He had even wanted to read further ahead. We are making progress.

This week we read Dragon Slayer’s Academy #1 The New Kid at School.  In this book, the main character Wiglaf, has a pig named Daisy who is enchanted to speak pig-Latin.  It is hysterical to read in pig-Latin.  Mason didn’t know pig-Latin (he’s lived a sheltered life) so we practiced it.  It has been quite humorous around here lately.  You never know what your going to hear.


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