September 02, 2010

I have no idea what “grade” my children are in!

question-mark I honestly would have to count to figure out what grade each of my children would technically be in.  Does that sound odd to you?

We don’t teach or learn by grades at our house.  We teach by interest, readiness and mastery. 

Sometimes we are learning things that are typically studied at an older grade level or not at all and other times, we are learning something that may have been typically taught a grade or two lower than where my children would be in a schooling institution. 

When my children reach a period of frustration that they can’t work through, we put that concept away and return to a place of understanding.  More times than not when we return to the frustrating task, the children master it the first day and we continue on our happy way to the next thing.

I love that we can teach to interests and even more importantly to heart and mind.  I am not teaching my children a myriad of trivial facts.  I am not trying to keep them in line with their peers.  I am teaching them to love to learn and to be life long learners.  That is more important and will be most beneficial to their future.


  1. That is the way we do it too! I dread it when people ask the kids what grades they are in because they have no idea!

  2. I know how you feel Phyllis. When my children are asked what grade they are in, they always look at me. My son usually says "tell 'em Mom" and my daughter says "I don't go to school, I homeschool."

    It cracks me up!


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