September 11, 2010

Hagoth, Rock Climbing and The Constellation - Our weekly review Sept 6th - 10th

WRsep6 This week has been interesting. It has rained almost every day and we have needed it.  No - we are still not moved. Yes – our homeschooling materials are still packed in moving boxes.


This week, Michael finished reading aloud THE LIGHTING THIEF to Mattie and Mason.  They thoroughly enjoyed it.  We continued reading EMMA’S RIVER until I left it at Speech Therapy on Tuesday, so we started another read-aloud called FISH.

The children also worked daily on Dreambox Learning for math and completed some math fact worksheets for practice. We will be picking back up our gospel memorization next week.

In addition, on Monday we went rock climbing and had a picnic at Petit Jean Mountain with some homeschooling friends.  We had so much fun!  The kids keep asking when we are going back.  We’ve only recently started our Outdoor Nature Hour but already we are seeing with new eyes.

On Tuesday we went to the library and Mason noticed a model of the THE CONSTELLATION (Navy Sailing Ship).  We spent quite some time examining all the details.  There was a newspaper clipping by the display so we could see what the actual ship looked like.  The model looked just like it - only smaller of course. ☺ While at the library Mattison stocked up on chapter books and several Arthur books.  She is now a reading machine!  WHAT a BLESSING!!! Her face has been stuck in a book for the past few days.  She is reading at home, in the car, at the library and she even wants to carry around a book when we run errands.   I ♥ it!   Mason did not want to pick out a book, which is the norm for him.  I insisted he pick out one.  He finally decided on a book only because the character had his name.  If you know of any more books with characters named Mason, please pass the info along.

On Wednesday Michael had a class cancel, so we picked him up early and ran some errands.  Mason and I learned to play a new board game called Hagoth.

On Thursday we dropped Michael off at the college and decided to stay in town and find the library.  Mason and I played Hagoth there and of course explored.  The library there is small but quaint.  I like it.  However, I do not plan on surrendering my other library card. ☺ Later that afternoon, we taught Michael how to play Hagoth.

On Friday Michael felt comfortable enough to drive himself to college.  Hooray!  We retrieved our book while we were at Speech Therapy today, so we can continue reading about Emma and we met with our homeschooling group this week for the first time since summer break. 

All in all this was a fine week.


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