September 25, 2010

Forgetting, Remembering and Mud (WR Sept 20 – 24)

weekly check in2 Usually, I write my weekly review as it happens, adding to it each day. This past week I didn’t.  And I don’t recall a whole lot.  I remember the children working on Dreambox Learning for Math and doing laundry.  I also remember them playing for hours in the rain and mud. Other than that, most of our week was spent reading aloud.  Yes, it was nice.  We love to be drawn into a good story.

Mason my reluctant reader has made progress and interestingly enough, it was with nonfiction books.  This realization made me remember something I hadn’t considered in a while.  That is, that Mason never liked to read books about Spiderman or Garfield or things like that.  He preferred readers from the 50’s and earlier.  He also preferred stories that “really” happened.  I had forgotten.  I’ve been offering him fiction - lots of it, trying to get him to latch on to something and enjoy reading.  For next week, I have about 35 books from the library. Some are fiction and some are not.  I’m going to watch and see what he chooses this week.

In addition, I have the children working on finding scripture verses.  We read everyday, but they find their place using their bookmarks and rely heavily on them. We are going to learn the orders of the books as well.

We are still not moved, but progress was made this week! Hooray! and I’ve been told that Broadband/Cable Internet Service will be available to our new home in the country in October. ☺


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