September 25, 2010

Books about Bats

bat books Since our homeschooling materials are boxed up for our move, our normal routine of learning has changed a bit.  We’ve had to break from our Science curric for the time being, so I picked up some books on bats. A whole section on bats await us when we return to Apologia Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, but I thought we’d go ahead and read some bat books and then see if there is anything we missed when we resume our normal science routine.

You can see our selection in the picture above.  Even though all the books were about bats, they each included at least one thing the others didn’t.

We learned some pretty interesting things about bats.  The largest bat, the Gigantic Flying Fox, found in Asia has a wing span of 6 feet long.  That is one huge rat with wings!  Yes, that is how I feel about bats, they totally creep me out.  But even though they are creepy, we found a photograph of the “spectacled flying-foxes” bat (Pteropus conspicillatus) in which they look like cute little bears in pajamas.  That is Mason’s description, but I agree.  I guess if any bat could be considered cute it would be this one.



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