September 03, 2010

Book Log: Lost Island Smugglers

Lost Ilsand Smugglers COVER July 2010 Lost Island Smugglers is a book written by Max Elliot Anderson.  It is book 1 of A Sam Cooper Adventure.

About the author: Max Elliot Anderson did not enjoy reading as a child even though his father has authored several books.  As an adult he decided to figure out why he didn’t like to read.  He applied that information to his writing.  He specifically writes books aimed at reluctant readers.  You can read more at his Books for Boys blog. Since I have a reluctant reader, I requested a copy of Lost Island Smugglers to test out.

About the story: Sam Cooper (the main character) has just moved to Florida.  He becomes friends with two boys he meets at church – Tony and Tyler.  They take scuba diving lessons together and decide to go diving while Tony’s father is away on a business trip.   As you can imagine, trouble is on the horizon and a huge storm leaves the three boys washed up on Lost Island.  I don’t want to give away all the fun, but there is danger, discovery, and determination involved and they are not alone on the island….  (cliff hanger here)

More about the book: This book is 255 pages long.  You may think that no reluctant reader is going to want to read a book that length, but the text is larger and double spaced so it’s not overwhelming when you open the cover.

This book is full of wonderful lessons about obedience to your parents, covering up our sins and doing what is right even when your friend chooses something else.  The boys attend church a few times in the story and learn about something they later get first hand experience with.  I enjoyed this.  It has a good old fashioned values portrayed.

This book moves at a fast pace.  There are no slow parts where your child will lose interest.  It’s full of “Oh, no”s and “Now what are they going to do”s.  My children enjoyed it thoroughly.

Because my son is such a reluctant reader, I knew he would not read anything I handed him, so we read this aloud.  My daughter enjoyed the story just as much as my son did.   I believe my son may actually read (on his own) the next book in the Sam Cooper Adventure.  He is now familiar with the characters and enjoyed the sped and adventure in the first book.  We will definitely be trying the rest of the series.


  1. Looks like a great book!

  2. As publisher and managing editor at Port Yonder Press, I was thrilled to read this review. So glad your children enjoyed the book, and I sincerely hope we can continue to enthrall them with other morally positive adventures for years to come!

    ~Maggie Woychik

  3. This looks great. Someone else also posted on it and now I am intrigued! I will hunt it down to read it! Can't wait. Thanks for your post and the heads up!

    Pragmatic Mom


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