September 20, 2010

Autumn/Fall Pillow Box Fun

8804 We like to make paper crafts around here.  This is our latest bit of fun.  These are pillow boxes. Aren't they cute?  What could you do with these cute pillow boxes? I’m glad you asked.  I’ll share some ideas with you.

  • Put in some kind of goody (chocolate or cookies are good) and share it with a friend. ☺
  • Put some cash or a gift card inside and some Hersey's kisses and give it for a birthday gift.
  • Use it as a way to gift silly bands or bracelets or other things that are odd to wrap.
  • Store your favorite stickers, crayons, marbles or a small notepad and pencil.
  • Use them for goody bags at kid’s parties.

I have some really creative uses in the works specifically for homeschooling.  I’ll give you a hint – matching & sorting flashcards. ☺

Note: If you don’t have a scoring tool, you can use the tip of a butter knife or other thin object to score with.  I found the tip of my meat thermometer to work really well. Who knew? ☺

Fall Autumn Pillow Box Assortment

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  1. Thanks, Dana! These are so cute and I'll definitely be using them.


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