September 07, 2010

An afternoon at Petit Jean

We had a taste of The Outdoor Nature Hour and we just can’t get enough.  Today we went with some friends to Petit Jean Overlook and State Park.  We had such fun rock climbing.  It was beautiful!


The sun was really bright! Down in the crevices it was notably cooler and there was a fantastic breeze.


Mattie is very uncomfortable climbing or even being on uneven ground.  I was amazed by how much she would attempt even though she was scared. Note to self – Mom and Mattie should wear appropriate climbing shoes next time. ☺


After looking out at the view here. Mattie decided to stay at the top with Sis. W ( a family friend) and climb around in “the un-freaky zone”.

The boys of course went with me all over.


This is a nice view of the Arkansas River.


Can someone tell me whose child this is?  He looks like my Michael, but he is a climbing maniac!  Prior, Michael would never even climb a tall ladder because of the danger factor.


If you could see below Michael’s body you would see nothing but a crevice!  I couldn’t pass up on this picture!  I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself.

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This picture is of Mary W and Mason before they descended down the crevice where I was taking the picture. 

Every angle was beautiful! The hay bales in the fields beyond looked like balls in the field.

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Above are Mason and Michael going through the tunnel.


Pondering the beauty of the earth


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