August 29, 2010

Weekly Review Aug 23 - 27

WR aug26 Since we are living in limbo with our belongings (including all our homeschooling materials) packed in boxes, our normal routine is out the window which really stresses me.  But I decided we could do something.  So this week we have, and I feel much better about things.

We received a book by Max Elliot Anderson titled Lost Island Smugglers to review and are reading that aloud.

The children are also working on Dreambox Learning again.  So some math is getting done. In addition, they are also doing a page of math facts practice daily.  We still don’t have our math facts down.  Blah!  And it’s totally my fault.  It’s just no fun.  Even playing games only disguises the blah for so long.  But that’s ok.  I’ve recommitted and we are going to get through them.

I dug into a box of games and pulled out our Cross the River Jr. game and we have been playing that.  There are 40 cards and we are halfway through them.  I may have to dive back into that box and find something else soon or splurge for a new game. 

Michael has completed his second full week of college and is adapting well except for the commuting part.  He feels unsure of it, so I am still driving him each day and picking him up.  Once we get moved, he will only have a 10 minute maximum of drive time to school. I look forward to the move for so many reasons and this is one of them.

We feel blessed to get some mild weather this week and we are LOVING it!  We went to the park while waiting for Michael’s last class to dismiss.  Mattie and Mason have decided we need to do that all the time. ☺

Mattie’s therapies started back this week.  I was thankful for the 3 week break. And so it goes.

On the home front:  No, we have not moved yet.  We have gone through multiple drywall guys and either they don’t show up to work, or they show up and demand way more money than what they agreed upon.  It’s frustrating to say the least!  If we don’t have a dependable drywall crew by next week, My husband and I will be doing it.  Pray for us to find a crew!  Please!

That is our weekly wrap-up.

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  1. Good for you! I use a news reader called Pulse and only put in my very favorite blogs (yours is one of them!). I can live without all the other "noise"!


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