August 02, 2010

The Value of Homeschooling Resources (Thoughts While Packing)

moving_boxes This week, we have to get our entire house packed up for our move.  If you’ve moved recently, you probably just moaned out loud at the very mention of it.  Moving is hard work. 

We have not moved since we began homeschooling and MY – OH – MY  do we have books and resources galore!  Over the years I have purchased many products and resources of various types, and do you know what?  Today I put piles of it outside with a “FREE” sign and listed it on Freecycle.

I had spelling curriculum, handwriting teacher manuals and tablets of paper, critical thinking workbooks, various readers, tons of math workbooks and many unused or outgrown board games.  The truth is I could have gotten rid of even more.

As I was packing, I asked myself if the product was worth it.  Was this product of more value to me than the time spent packing and hauling and unpacking and storing it?  And guess what,  sometimes it was, and sometimes it wasn’t.

You see, I value homeschooling materials differently than I did initially.  I have learned that I don’t want to replicate the school model I was raised with.  I know there is a better way.  I know when I choose materials that are crafted with the ‘school’ model in mind that our goals are different.

I don’t want my children hammered into a peg that isn’t made to fit them uniquely and individually.   The way I see it, people all end up going about their lives following different passions and interests; we are not the same.  It makes no sense to educate everyone the same -no good sense anyway. 

So I choose to educate the individual - to help each of my children utilize their God-given talents and abilities, and help them to learn and desire to improve and better themselves each day - line upon line, precept upon precept, ever improving and ever learning.

I do not teach to a test, I teach to the heart and mind.

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  1. Great thoughts...I may have to go through and see how I feel about all of my stuff.

    After one full year of homeschooling now, I can honestly say my "style" has changed quite a bit! :)

    (It may change a bit more this year!)


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