August 20, 2010

Tutorial: Lapbooking (MSWord) - Making Circle Pieces

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to use circles in MSWord to make some lapbooking pieces.  As mentioned in the other tutorials, there are multiple ways to do this.  I am going to show how to make a half circle flap piece, a quarter piece, and a spinner wheel.

To begin, insert your circle from the shapes/autoshapes section.  When this shape is activated you will see the outside squares which are typically used for resizing.   You will also see some squares in the middle (see the arrows in the image below).  For some reason it didn’t capture the sizing squares in my image and I am too lazy to redo it – but, you will see the squares on yours.

tutorial circle 2

Using the squares as your guide, add a line (found in the shapes section) across the center and format to dotted.  In the  example below, I am using a horizontal line but you can also do this vertically. For a half circle shaped booklet, add one line as seen below. Then customize.

tutorial circle 3

For a quartered piece, you will need two intersecting lines - as seen below.   Add text or an image of your choice (or both) to one of the sections.  Fold on the dotted lines.  All writing on this piece will be done on the other side.  I recommend folding this piece before writing, so you can orient it correctly and decide which section will be glued down to your folder.

tutorial circle 4

You can use this same quartered circle to make a Spinner Wheel!  Aren’t you excited?

tutorial circle 6

First, I will show you how to make the top part of the spinner wheel.  Basically you are going to cover up or hide the circle border of one section.

tutorial circle 7

I did this using a text box, you can also use a shape.  You will need to format which ever you choose to use, to be white with no border.  This will hide the bottom line of the circle in this section.

Next, grab the top of your vertical intersecting dotted line and pull it down to the intersection.  Repeat this with the left side of the horizontal line.  Make the lines solid and thicker through the formatting options.

Don’t worry if you can’t cover up the edges completely.  You are going to cut out this part anyway.

tutorial circle 8

I like to accommodate my brad by adding a rectangle (shown in blue) and formatting it to hide the intersection of my lines. I do this by choosing a no color border and sizing it to cover the space.

Once hidden, I add a cutting line (shown in green above) by inserting a line and making it thicker through the formatting options and rotating it.

Next, add the brad circle where the lines intersect.  Remember - they still intersect. I just placed a white shape over that section to hide it.  Now your top piece is finished except for the fun part – adding text and images.  Of course you can add them earlier as I did, If you’d like.

tutorial circle 9 

For a cute addition you can add a pull tab to your top spinner layer. I did this by inserting a square and sending it to the back in the order dropdown by right clicking on the shape.  I then inserted a double arrow from shapes.  I used the rotate bar (the one with the green dot in Office 2007) to rotate and angle them how I wanted.

tutorial circle 10 

To make your bottom piece, you simply start with your original circle.  Do this by copying and then pasting the circle you are already working with.  Once again divide your circle into four sections.  Each section can be text, an image or a combination.  You can also leave it blank for your children to draw on if you’d prefer.

 tutorial circle 11

Cut out your pieces and attach the brad and you are good! Your finished spinner will look something like this when you put your layers together. ☺

Note: I am assuming that you are somewhat familiar with Microsoft Word already or are at least willing to play with it to figure it out. I am also assuming that you have comfortably mastered the previous tutorials.  I am happy to answer your questions, but I ask that you first play around with this tutorial for a bit.  As you play, you will be able to answer many of your own questions. If you have questions or things you’d like me to show you how to do in a tutorial, feel free to leave a comment or contact me through email above.


  1. Awesome Dana! I'll be playing with this tutorial over the weekend. Thanks for working on these!

  2. These are so cool! My MSWord is 03, so I can't get it to do what yours does, but I'm taking the concepts and applying them to my Print Shop program and having tons of fun!
    Thank you so much for all the info!

  3. Spesamor Academy, I love MSWord 03! I can do ANYTHING with that program. Finding the menus and options are very different in o7, some are expanded but most are the same just organized in a different place. I'm glad you are able to apply it and use it!

  4. You're back! <3 I missed you! <3

  5. Thanks Robin! Yes, we are back. ☺


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