August 26, 2010

Toilet Paper and Other Lessons From the Road

log truck Today while commuting to pick up my son from college, we encountered a logging truck.  On the end of one of the logs was a cloth that said something like Before complaining about logging, try using plastic toilet paper.  Mason said “What?  I don’t get it?”  Thus started a discussion of all the many uses of lumber and the quest to find a video of making paper.  Here is some of what we found.

 How toilet paper is made:

How copy paper is made:

How sandpaper is made:

How to make paper from paper pulp (recycled paper):


I am still searching for a video of paper making starting at the tree.  If any of you know of one please leave it in the comments and I’ll add it to this post.

You never can tell what will peak one’s curiosity while driving down the road. ☺


  1. I was looking to see if there were any videos from the tours of International Paper at the mill in Gardiner Oregon. . . .no. But I did find 2 imploding videos. I watched quite a few of these demolitions up and down the coast in my youth. :) is the Gardiner Paper Mill Demolition Implosion. Noise and Dust is indescribable! My friend said to look up Weyerhaeuser for paper videos.

  2. My father works in a pulp & paper mill...I will contact him and see if he knows of any vidoes that show the whole process. I will get back to you!

  3. In the mean time you may find this interesting: Make your own pulp and paper!

  4. still waiting for my dad to get back to me...just wanted you to know I haven't forgotten! :)

  5. Thanks Michelle! ☺

  6. Dana,
    Sorry it took so long...I guess my dad thought he needed to go camping! Anyway, he got back to me today and here is the best one he found for free on the internet. There are 3 videos on the right-hand side. The middle one includes the tree as part of the process (but still does not show the planting/harvesting aspect involved). Let me know if this is what you are looking for. I may be able to get him to find one on DVD!

  7. Thanks Michelle, I will check that out.

  8. I love these videos. We use so many materials daily without knowledge or regard to how they are made and what they are made of. My four year old daughter and I were looking at an island the other day off of the coast. (we live in New Zealand) We noticed that the island had a few houses and almost no trees. "They must of used too much Toilet Paper she yelled". (Her father always tells her to only use a little TP to save the trees..:))

  9. Delight directed learning at its best!


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