August 20, 2010

Our Weekly Review: The One Without Homeschooling Materials

weekly check in This week has been crazy here.  Last week we were on vacation.  Before we left, we packed up our entire house because the day we were coming back, we were supposed to sleep in our new home.  We returned from vacation, but there had been some set backs with the house. 

All week we have been living between our old home and our new home.  Our living conditions are not the best as almost all of our belongings are packed in boxes, including all our homeschooling materials!

Ready or not, our week took off with a bang.  Michael (my oldest) started college on Monday and has been going all week.  That has been quite an adjustment.  Because of the move delay, we are having to commute a greater distance to the college.

I’ve been trying to help over at our new home whenever I can but it is hot and humid and the A/C is not hooked up yet.   It’s been crazy.  The hardest part for me honestly is that we are so unsettled right now.  I hate that feeling.  Our normal routine is totally out of whack.  We homeschooled all Summer so we are really feeling out of sorts here.

Since it will be another week - possibly two - before we are moved into our new home, we are going to read aloud a lot.  The children are also going to work on Dreambox (that’s not packed away). There, now I have some sort of plan.  I feel better….

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  1. Wow, hope you can relax in your new home soon!

  2. Well you certainly are busy! Congratulations on your new home. I hope your move goes smoothly and quickly.


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